Apps integration

App Installation notification

During installation steps or on the first user's visit application should collect Browser "fingerprint" to identify user. For this purpose FingerprintJS v.3 library ( is have to be used to get the same hash as in Spurit CPA.

Below are the steps that need to be implemented in the application:

Get visitorId with FingerprintJS.

Install FingerprintJS from CDN


Or install from NPM to use with Webpack/Rollup/Browserify

													npm i @fingerprintjs/fingerprintjs
													# or
													yarn add @fingerprintjs/fingerprintjs
													import FingerprintJS from '@fingerprintjs/fingerprintjs'

													// Initialize an agent at application startup.
													const fpPromise = FingerprintJS.load()

													;(async () => {
													  // Get the visitor identifier when you need it.
													  const fp = await fpPromise
													  const result = await fp.get()

													  // This is the visitor identifier:
													  const visitorId = result.visitorId